The White OneShakyamuni Buddha

With an approximate weight of 12000 grams, the art is made on clear rock crystal, which in itself is hard to find for such immense piece. To find clarity in these big pieces is like gold having a nice odour. On top, we have given this piece antique finish for the gloss.

Shakyamuni Buddha, is one of the elements of the Pancha (five) Buddha also known as Dhyani (Meditating) Buddha. Gautama Buddha is believed to have 550 incarnations. To distinguish from other Buddhas, he has been called Shakyamuni (the lion of Shakya clan), the son of King Sudhodhan and Queen Mayadevi born on 563 BC in Lumbini. He attained Bodhi or knowledge after 6 years in fasting and meditation and was called Buddha or the enlightened one.

37 cm
25  cm
13  cm
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